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Manic Miner on a motorbike? It's certainly got the same weird atmosphere. Wheelie seems simple at first glance, it's basically a scrolling platformer but the motorbike adds a whole new aspect to the genre. More...

Jakey 13 Jan '03

Sonic AdventureSonic Adventure

Sonic finally make it into the third dimension and makes up for lost time at his usual velocity. Exploration elements and six playable characters each having their own adventure make this a huge game with hours of play. More...

Jakey 07 Dec '02

ToeJam & EarlToeJam & Earl

This has to be one of the most laid back and fun games of all time. I suppose it's basic premise is hackneyed - especially now - but games with this much charm can only rise above cliché and over familiarity. More...

Bubbaray 06 Dec '02

I, RobotI, Robot

Weird as it maybe I Robot is a really addictive game with stunning graphics and is well worth a play today. This isn't just nostalgic fun this is a genuinely brilliant game. More...

Jakey 05 Dec '02

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This remains one of the largest, most ambitious games ever produced and it is all packed into one cartridge. No, not a disc: a cartridge. Even in these terms, the game is astonishing. More...

Bubbaray 27 Nov '02


What makes LOOM so different is the form of its puzzles. There are no objects instead or inventory, instead there are spells which you cast by playing the right combination of notes on your musical staff. More...

Jakey 12 Nov '02

Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorAdvanced Lawnmower Simulator

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator is more of a joke than a game. There is only one control, the M key which makes your mower mow, once the lawn is mowed you get a random comment on how well you mowed the lawn. So why is such a game a Game-Star Hero at all? More...

Jakey 10 Nov '02


Never before had a racer been so fast, had so much detail, or been so realistic. More...

Jakey 07 Nov '02


Let's not beat around the bush. Lemmings is one of the most evil things ever created. In conjunction with its sadistic, demonic nature, it also happens to be one of the most ingenious video games yet to appear. More...

Bubbaray 05 Nov '02

Star WarsStar Wars

Blisteringly fast, fully 3D vector graphics, sampled speech, it's very hard to believe this game was made in 1983. More...

Jakey 01 Nov '02

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