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Asteroids was the last great black-and-white video game. Like all early videogames, it was a product of ingenious programming: the programme scarcely uses more memory than this word processed file... More...

Bubbaray 16 May '03

Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles

Crystal Castles was half way between PacMan and the platform games of the future. It's fast, it's great fun, so if you missed it in the arcades the first time around go check it out now. More...

Jakey 09 May '03


This game is a bit like Defender with a smidgen of Asteroids added to it. That doesn't really do much justice to this masterpiece of insane arcade action. You're in control of a small spaceship, flying in amongst an asteroid field of some kind. The dreaded Sinistar is slowly being constructed and your only chance of survival is to mine Sinisite Crystals from the asteroids that surround you. These are transformed into Sinibombs which will hopefully blow up your despicable foe. More...

Bubbaray 05 May '03

Goldeneye 007Goldeneye 007

Everyone was dubious about the prospect of a video game version of a rather ropey Bond movie. The fact that it was going to be a first person shooter on a home console made it all the more likely that this game was going to be poor. Fortunately, Rare were on top, top form. More...

Bubbaray 08 Apr '03


In Space Invaders you protected the Earth from aliens. In Football Manager you... were... a Football... Manager... So what was next? What else could be done? Why not play God? This was where Populous came in. More...

Bubbaray 06 Apr '03

Harvest MoonHarvest Moon

Ah! This is the life; a small-holding in the county with crops to tend and animals to look after. No, I'm not talking about River Cottage, I'm talking about a video game. It's on the Gameboy too so you can even play it in the countryside.  More...

Bubbaray 05 Apr '03

Trap DoorTrap Door

One of the most bizarre, in a long line of bizarre, UK children’s TV programmes becomes one of the most bizarre video games of the third generation. More...

Jakey 28 Mar '03

Chase H.Q.Chase H.Q.

Chase 'em down and ram 'em off the road, good wholesome Taito fun. More...

Jakey 12 Mar '03

Missile CommandMissile Command

Do you remember the time when we all lived in fear of nuclear annihilation? The scariness of those days when a senile idiot had his finger poised on the 'button'? Do you remember the 'button'? If you do, then you'll probably remember Missile Command. More...

Bubbaray 11 Mar '03

Solomon's KeySolomon's Key

Mario meets Tetris in this block building platform puzzler. More...

Jakey 09 Mar '03

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