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Metal Slug: Super VehicleMetal Slug: Super Vehicle

Aggressive, highly animated blonde, GSOH seeks player for exotic action and carnage. More...

Jakey 07 Mar '03


A colourful and more frenetic progression from Space Invaders which proved games could have a cross-gender appeal. More...

Bubbaray 05 Mar '03


Rumour has it that the CIA became concerned with the fact that Tetris stemmed from a Communist country. Was Tetris a plot by the Soviets to enslave the West with an incredibly addictive video game? Yes. Yes it was. More...

Bubbaray 01 Mar '03

Super Smash Bros.Super Smash Bros.

The Nintendo all-stars battle it out to find out who's tops in the insanely original fighter. More...

Bubbaray 01 Mar '03


Where does one start with Shenmue? Should I begin by saying that (at time of writing) Shenmue is the most expensive game ever made at $70,000,000? Perhaps I should start with the epic plot said to span 16 chapters of which Shenmue 1 and 2 only cover the first 4. Maybe the technical achievement of the game with it's unparalleled graphics engine would be the best place to start. No I think I'll start with the weather and the kitten. More...

Bubbaray 06 Feb '03


R-Type has long been the yardstick that all side scrolling shooters have been measured against and it's easy to see why. It's fast, great to look at and each level brings a different challenge with new types of enemy. More...

Jakey 02 Feb '03


Raffaele Cecco's platform shooter still stands strong today. Choose your wepons carefully. More...

Jakey 27 Jan '03

Dungeon KeeperDungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper is set in the underworld and you play the Dungeon Keeper of the title... your task is to build a dungeon that is resistant to greedy heroes that venture in to steal your gold... there are also rival dungeon keepers to contend with. More...

Bubbaray 24 Jan '03

Jet Set RadioJet Set Radio

Fast, beautiful, addictive; Jet Set Radio is Sega at their very best. Games like this don’t come along often enough, so this particular game comes with the highest of recommendations. More...

Bubbaray 21 Jan '03


Not the original but clearly the best; Arkanoid elevated the breakout genre to its pinnacle. More...

Jakey 16 Jan '03

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