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Space InvadersSpace Invaders

This game launched an industry; it wasn't the first ever arcade game, but it was the first video game to become a household name. More...

Bubbaray 24 Oct '02


No matter where you were on Earth, it was just not possible to dislike (or avoid) the little yellow disc that represented Pac-man. The game was ingeniously straightforward: you had to move Pac-Man around a 2D maze and make him eat all of the little pellets that lined the floor. More...

Bubbaray 19 Oct '02

Super Mario KartSuper Mario Kart

Nintendo shoe-horned Mario and chums into tiny karts and threw them all onto a set of SNES Mode 7 tracks. The result was an instant classic and its follow-ups are now among the most eagerly awaited on each successive Nintendo console.  More...

Bubbaray 16 Oct '02

Super Mario 64Super Mario 64

It was difficult to describe the sheer amazement and terror I felt when I first saw Mario 64. The concept of playing platform games in three dimensions was mind boggling... consequently, I was rubbish at Mario 64 when I first played it. More...

Bubbaray 15 Oct '02

Space Channel 5 parts 1 & 2Space Channel 5 parts 1 & 2

"Aliens have taken over the planet and are forcing people to DANCE!" Need I say more? Ok maybe a little more explanation would help. Space Channel 5 is a great example of Sega at their best; a simple yet original concept delivered in a stylish yet fun package (and they don't come much more stylish yet fun than the star of this game). More...

Jakey 14 Oct '02

Bionic CommandoBionic Commando

He flys through the air with the greatest of ease, beating Spiderman at his own game. More...

Jakey 10 Oct '02

Bubble BobbleBubble Bobble

It's quite easy to see why Bubble Bobble is one of the greatest money makers in arcades: it demands to be played and its difficulty is such that every time you play, you will get just that bit further... More...

Bubbaray 04 Oct '02

Tempest 2000Tempest 2000

Jeff Minter's thrilling update of Atari's classic early arcade game is a wonder to behold. Never before or since has such a classic old game been updated to surpass it's original. More...

Jakey 13 Sep '02

Rainbow IslandsRainbow Islands

Shooting rainbows to kill attacking bumble bees and vicious toys; death and destruction has never been so cute. More...

Bubbaray 12 Sep '02

Stunt Car RacerStunt Car Racer

Eight of the most extreme tracks you've ever seen and cars that top 230mph add up to a insane ride you're unlikely to forget.  More...

Jakey 07 Sep '02

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