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Elevator ActionElevator Action

Elevator Action is one of the most cherished games of my childhood. I first played it on the Spectrum (an excellent conversion, Speccy fans) and was entranced by the irresistible gameplay and the neat animation. More...

Bubbaray 25 Jul '03

Gunstar HeroesGunstar Heroes

With this game treasure revolutionised the character shooter. They took everything that Turrican had taught us about power-ups and platforms, they added fantastic smooth graphics and well designed characters and then somehow managed to put more sprites on screen at once than was ever thought possible. More...

Jakey 21 Jul '03

Mega Man 3Mega Man 3

Mega Man is a platform shooter with a twist; when Mega Man defeats his enemies he gains their powers. With this in mind you are sent out to defeat a collection of Master crooks each with a special power and an appropriate name to go with it e.g Spark Man, Snake Man, Needle Man. More...

Jakey 14 Jul '03


Years ahead of it's time, Battlezone was a first person tank combat simulator. It featured a fully interactive 3D environment that consisted of wire-frame 3D graphics. More...

Bubbaray 11 Jul '03

Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningLegend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

An immense adventure on a tiny cartridge, the Gameboy's Zelda instalment is just as good as its big console cousins. Arguably the perfect format for the top-down Zelda series. More...

Bubbaray 01 Jul '03

Manic MinerManic Miner

It's easy to forget how important Manic Miner is but if you mention the ZX Spectrum to anyone under 40 in the UK the chances are they'll say either Manic Miner or its sequel Jet Set Willy. The reason for this is simple; we'd never seen anything like this before. More...

Jakey 19 Jun '03


Very few things in this world really scare me, least of all games. Alone in the Dark? Not even creepy! Resident Evil? Don't make me laugh (well actually it does which is the problem). Half-Life however... just the very thought of it sets off the hairs on the back of my neck. More...

Jakey 13 Jun '03

Robotron: 2084Robotron: 2084

Amongst old-school gamers, Robotron usually comes top of the list of All Time Great Arcade Machines. The game originated from the same team that designed the sublime Defender, and where that allowed scrolling screen action, Robotron drops you back onto a single screen, confined and surrounded by TONS of baddies. More...

Bubbaray 30 May '03


The object of the game was simple enough: get your frog safely across a busy road, then carry on across a river. One would think that it was a case of just swimming across the river but no, that wasn't the case. For some reason the water was lethal to our little froggy friend, so you had jump onto logs, turtles and crocodiles. More...

Bubbaray 30 May '03


One of the all-time phenomenons of video games, this game ensured that the Gameboy became the greatest selling console of all time. No one was immune from the hype, the trading card games, the merchandise and the (fantastic) cartoon series... The biggest surprise of all was that the video game from which this all originated was simply genius. More...

Bubbaray 21 May '03

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