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Kwik SnaxKwik Snax

A next-gen maze game with bags of ingenuity. A simple Pac Man clone this is not. More...

Jakey 17 Jul '04

Skool DazeSkool Daze

I don't think anyone on the planet has completed this game. If they have, then they are insane and should probably be worshipped as Gods amongst men. More...

Bubbaray 04 Jun '04

Guardian HeroesGuardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes pushed forward the scrolling beat 'em up by bringing the control style and from traditional beat 'em ups like Street Fighter and add beautifully animated cartoon graphics. More...

Jakey 23 May '04

Atic AtacAtic Atac

The quickest and easiest way of describing AticAtac is MENTAL, that's too cheap and easy to sit as a review but remember that word always when reading this because it applies more than any other.  More...

Jakey 10 May '04

Daley Thompson's DecathlonDaley Thompson's Decathlon

This is one of the first games I can think of that was licensed by a famous sportsman; for those who can't remember, or weren't old enough, Daley Thompson was a British Olympic gold medallist in the Decathlon and reckoned to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. More...

Bubbaray 09 May '04


A quirky rotating platform puzzler that has you moving ever around and around. More...

Jakey 02 May '04

Skies of ArcadiaSkies of Arcadia

Just when you think you've got into a routine the plot twists and throws you into something completely different. This keeps things moving at a blistering pace through the entire sixty hours worth of game. More...

Jakey 08 Apr '04

Mercenary III: The Dion CrisisMercenary III: The Dion Crisis

The Mercenary series come to a peak with this brilliant adventure. Massive in it's scope Mercenary 3 sees you, indestructible as ever, exploring entire planets by bus, taxi and interplanetary shuttle with the purpose of bringing down the evil PC BIL. More...

Jakey 04 Apr '04


I'm sure everyone who ventured in an arcade in the 1980s remembers the Paperboy machine: it was vibrant, bright and it had a great big set of handlebars so that you could 'get into character.' More...

Bubbaray 28 Mar '04

Jack the Nipper 2: In Coconut CapersJack the Nipper 2: In Coconut Capers

They took the Jet Set Willy style of platform game and then chucked in a whole pile of extras to add all important variety to the game play. More...

Jakey 21 Mar '04

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