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Stop the ExpressStop the Express

A thrilling, train-top running landmark game, years ahead of its time. More...

Jakey 22 Jun '08

Pinball Construction SetPinball Construction Set

The game that invented the build you own game genre is not only revolutionary but is also an unbelievable achievement in Apple II programming. More...

Jakey 24 Apr '08


Based on a combination of Japanese myths, ?kami puts you in control of a wolf that must rid his world of the life sucking curse of a many-headed demon. With spectacular cell-shaded graphics evoking the culture and period of the game, ?kami is an unforgettable visual treat. More...

Jakey 01 Apr '08

Advance WarsAdvance Wars

The Nintendo wars series, going since the NES, finally comes of age with this challenging war game that's far more grown-up than its fun looks would have you believe. More...

Jakey 22 Mar '08


To demonstrate the power of the mighty Archimedes, the folks at Acorn asked David Braben (co-author of Elite) to design them a game. The result, Lander, was bundled with every Archimedes much to the delight of school children across the UK. More...

Jakey 21 Mar '08

Grim FandangoGrim Fandango

The last in a long line of great Lucas Arts adventures, Grim Fandango merges the conventions of cinema and games with incredible and unmatched results. More...

Jakey 12 Mar '08

Trackmania UnitedTrackmania United

I’ve dreamt of an update for Stunt Car Racer for so long and at last I got it. Trackmania is about fun not realism, and it’s got fun bursting out of every pixel. More...

Jakey 10 Mar '08


Darwinia is a game of absolute beauty. Set in a inside a computer (yes, a bit like Tron), your mission is to rid the system of viruses and rescue the inhabitants so that they can repopulate their world. More...

Jakey 10 Mar '08

Typing of the DeadTyping of the Dead

"Type or Die" the box threatens, learning a new skill is easy when your life depends on it. Another stroke of Sega genius. More...

Jakey 10 Mar '08

Caesar The CatCaesar The Cat

My favourite of all video game cats (despite being named after a dog food), Caesar is the star of a rather obscure ZX Spectrum platform game. The concept is fantastically simple: you control Caesar, making him jump about the shelves in the larder catching the mice before they eat the food. More...

Jakey 05 Sep '04

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