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The Machines A-Z

All about the consoles and computers that power our gaming dreams, sorted from A to Z.

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Sega SaturnSega Saturn

The first casualty of the mighty Playstation, Sega’s Saturn was the beginning of that great pioneering company's end. More...

Sinclair ZX SpectrumSinclair ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum was a phenomenon; a colour home computer for £100. This was unheard-of value in the home computer market. More...

SNK Neo-GeoSNK Neo-Geo

An arcade machine for home with a price to match. More...

Sony PlaystationSony Playstation

Sony's world beater, the Playstation, single-handedly revitalised the whole games industry but finished off some old giants along the way. More...

Sony Playstation 2Sony Playstation 2

The Sony Colossus continued to tower over the competition in the sixth generation with the PS2. More...

Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo's SNES was a monster; far more powerful than the Genesis it held its own well into the 32-bit era. More...

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