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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System LogoGeneration: 4

Processors: 65c816 (16-bit) 2.68 and 3.58 Mhz

RAM: 128k system, 64k video

Graphics Resolution: 512 x 448

Colours: 256 on screen, 32768 total

Sound: 8 channel 8-bit Sony SPC700

Media Format: Cartridge

Control and Input Methods: Four button digital gamepad, mouse

Nintendo took their time in producing a reply for Sega's Genesis. By the release of the SNES in '91 the Genesis had been around for 2 years and had the same sort of foothold in the 16-bit market that the NES had in the 8-bit. In that time Nintendo had developed a monster, it was far more powerful than the Genesis and even had a rudimentary 3D ability with its Mode 7 (2d sprites on a 3d plane a la Mario Kart). When it came down to gaming however there was little to choose between them and it was this very fact that made this a golden age. The competition between Sega and Nintendo was fierce but healthy and it forced both to constantly raise their game, giving us an age of gaming heaven. The SNES was so strong that it held its own well into the 32-bit era with graphical stunners like Donkey Kong Country.

Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemEmulator

ZSNES - A really wonderful emulator in Windows or Dos versions with its own GUI allowing you to tweak just about everything. Supports save games, controllers and everything else a good emulator should and more. No other emulator comes close so no other is listed here.


SNES Resource - Hosts SNES game guides, midi files, screenshots and much more besides.

Super Famicom Central - Articles and hardware info.

Game-Star Heroes on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System:

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