SCORE: 0000005950
LIVES: LifeLife

Retro animated character

Acorn Archimedes

Acorn Archimedes LogoGeneration: 4

Processors: ARM 2 32 bit RISC

RAM: 512k to 4mb

Graphics Resolution: up to 800×600

Colours: 256

Sound: 8 voices

Media Format: Floppy and hard disks

Control and Input Methods: Keyboard, mouse, joystick

The Acorn Archimedes was Acorn's replacement for the BBC Micro which had reached the end of its life. Early models were branded BBC Archimedes and displayed the beautiful owl badge. Proving that Britain could still be at the forefront of computer technology, Acorn developed the ARM reduced instruction set computer (RISC) for the Archimedes. The chip is still being developed and used today in cutting edge low-drain mobile devices including the Gameboy Advance. We’ll always remember the it however, for letting us play Lemmings at school! Unfortunately it's price put it above the other 16-bit computers and straight into the path of the almighty PC.

Acorn ArchimedesEmulator

Red Squirrel - A great emulator that covers all of Acorn's RISC PC models.


Wocki's Acorn Emulation Site - Much information about Archimedes emulation.

Big Al's Archi Page - A great site for Archimedes disk images.

Game-Star Heroes on the Acorn Archimedes:

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