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Our collection of the greatest games of all time sorted A-Z.

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Typing of the DeadTyping of the Dead

"Type or Die" the box threatens, learning a new skill is easy when your life depends on it. Another stroke of Sega genius. More...


Manic Miner on a motorbike? It's certainly got the same weird atmosphere. Wheelie seems simple at first glance, it's basically a scrolling platformer but the motorbike adds a whole new aspect to the genre. More...

Wonderboy III: The Dragon's TrapWonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap

Sega's platform hero has been turned into a dragon and he's not happy about it in the Sega Master System’s finest hour. More...


To demonstrate the power of the mighty Archimedes, the folks at Acorn asked David Braben (co-author of Elite) to design them a game. The result, Lander, was bundled with every Archimedes much to the delight of school children across the UK. More...

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