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Generation 3

Nintendo and Sega begin their epic battle for console supremacy.

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Target: RenegadeTarget: Renegade

This two-player scrolling fighter sees you taking on all comers as you make your way through the mean streets of... well somewhere pretty mean. More...


Rumour has it that the CIA became concerned with the fact that Tetris stemmed from a Communist country. Was Tetris a plot by the Soviets to enslave the West with an incredibly addictive video game? Yes. Yes it was. More...

Trap DoorTrap Door

One of the most bizarre, in a long line of bizarre, UK children’s TV programmes becomes one of the most bizarre video games of the third generation. More...


Manic Miner on a motorbike? It's certainly got the same weird atmosphere. Wheelie seems simple at first glance, it's basically a scrolling platformer but the motorbike adds a whole new aspect to the genre. More...

Wonderboy III: The Dragon's TrapWonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap

Sega's platform hero has been turned into a dragon and he's not happy about it in the Sega Master System’s finest hour. More...

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