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Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Gamecube LogoGeneration: 6

Processors: PowerPC 750CXe, 162 MHz "Flipper" NEC GPU

RAM: 43mb total

Graphics Resolution: 480i, 576i, 480p

Colours: Lots

Sound: Great

Media Format: 8cm 1.5gb optical disk

Control and Input Methods: Dual analogue, five button, 2 trigger, d-pad controller, keyboard, bongos, dance mat

As the Playstation juggernaut rolled on, Nintendo yet again avoided being squashed with this little gem. On paper, the Gamecube appeared graphically underpowered compared to its rivals but all this did was to prove that polygon counts don't mean a thing. Clever anti-aliasing technology ensured the Gamecube’s visuals were far smoother and more real looking than those of the Playstation 2’s despite the vast difference in polygon power. As usual Nintendo gave us some beautiful games but as with much of this generation, we were left with the impression the the games industry as a whole was just treading water.

Nintendo GamecubeEmulator

Dolphin - A barely working emulator requiring a 64bit Windows OS.


All Cube - A Gamecube community with a lot of great stuff.

Ultimate Gamecube - A nice Gamecube fansite with reviews and articles.

Game-Star Heroes on the Nintendo Gamecube:

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